My name is MARIKA BRANDT and I work mainly with glass, ceramics and photography. I was born in Finland, but lived in Denmark from 2002 until 2018, when i re-located to Portugal to do my masters studies in Glass and Ceramic art & science.

MARIA BEZUGLAYA was born in Moscow, Russia, started studying ceramics in 2013, completed a full course on ceramic production in Moscow in 2014-2015.


My first introduction to blown glass was in 1999 when I studied at Häme Polytechnic School in Finland. During those three years I was able to learn the traditional scandinavian style of glassblowing while working and living in the Nuutajärvi Glass Village. Although scandinavian style has been the foundation for my way of working, I’ve always been interested in trying new techniques and combining different ways of shaping the material.

In 2005 I continued my studies at the Glass and Ceramics school in Bornholm, Denmark. This enabled me to add a more artistic way of working with glass and processing ideas into final pieces of work. After my studies on Bornholm I have been able to develop my technical skills by working as a glassblowing assistant and as a glassblower in different studios as well as a teaching assistant for different artists.

My interest in photography started when I was doing my internship in USA in 2007. I studied in a local evening school in Burlington, VT and learned the basics in the darkroom. I started my studies at Copenhagen film- and photography school in 2010 and got introduced to different genres in the field of photography.

In 2016 I received a grant from Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Danish Arts Foundation, which enabled me to take part on an intensive 8-week glassblowing course ‘Cane Ladder’ at Penland School of Crafts (NC, USA) with Claire Kelly, and study Italian techniques Pastarelli, Murini, Retticello and more. During my time in Penland I was able to concentrate on my work in glass, but also got a chance to throw ceramics on a potters wheel, which i continued to learn at a local evening school after I returned to Denmark. Working with ceramics has woken up my interest in tableware again and I took time to concentrate on ceramics for 3 months in Barcelona in the autumn 2017.

Since i started my master studies in Portugal in 2018, my work has been mainly concentrated on ceramics (especially porcelain) and glass. In 2021 i opened my own studio where i work with sculpting and installation and with my tableware production line; Brandt-Art design.


In 2016-2019 Maria was head of ceramic centers “Terracotta Ceramics” and “Pottery Squat” in Moscow. In 2018 Maria completed the intensive wheel throwing course «On Centre» in the international ceramic school «La Meridiana» in Italy, Tuscany, which led to several group and individual exhibitions in Italy and Russia. In 2019 Maria enrolled in a Master Degree course in Ceramics and Glass, Art and Science in the research unit VICARTE, Lisbon, Portugal, which is continuing now. Maria also took part in several group shows in Lisbon, Portugal. Recently her work participated in the Latvia International Ceramics Biennale in Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre.

Maria has overall 6 years of teaching experience in wheel throwing, handbuilding and decorating ceramics